PIXO C1 Universal Charger

This clever designed charger allows to charge Li-on batteries from almost any photo camera or camcorder. Just adjust two pins and insert the battery. The polarity is automatically dedtected and the battery is charged with all neccessary saftety protections. This seems to be a great alternative to the Canon charger, especially if you also have to charge Li-ion batteries from other devices. The street price is below 30 EUR. I don't own this charger but according to the manufacturer website it also charges "intelligent" or "smart" batteries. The C2 model additionally charges NiCd and NiMH batteries.


Madáretető nejlonmédia said...

Hi Martin!
Thanks for publish in your excellent blog this very interesting device. I have a lot of charger in my room, my wife hate it.
Martin, be kind say and show something the HF100 still performance.
Thx. Gabor

Maarten Klerk said...
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Maarten Klerk said...

Hi Martin,

I have the Ansmann multicharger, it is like the same as the PIXO. It works fine, no problems with loading the official Canon BP-809 battery.
The only annoying thing is that the "intelligent" part of the battery name is not working anymore. This means that the camera HF10 continiously pops up the message "change battery pack". This message however can be ignored. It would be nice if this message could be disabled, but sadly it cannot.