ClipWrap 2 allows native AVCHD playback and editing on a Mac

ClipWrap 2.0 lets you quickly rewrap individual .MTS files into QuickTime .MOV files that can be played back in the QuickTime player or imported into Final Cut. But see yourself:

Note that Version 2 of ClipWrap is not available yet but it should come this summer (2009).

Hehe, I know this chicken in the YouTube clip above.

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test said...

i havent found a contact to you, so iam writing it there... if you want ... you can blog these my findings about HF100 (because this blog is the best place for it)

i wanted to test out properly differencies between auto and cine mode ... so basically here are 3 screens (100% crops) ... showing raw footages and then how can they transform from one mode to another in post ... so as you can see ... cine has better looking lights in raw, but lightened they are more blown out (red auras) ... another thing is that for me it looks like cine is sharper in details and that it has also tinier and sharper noise ... last thing is that the differencies arent in fact that big .. its more about choosing the right mode so you dont have to post-process it. Johny-115