Canon BP-827 Fully Decoded Compatible Battery

This 2900 mAh third party battery is fully compatible with the HF100 and other Canon cameras i.e. It can be charged in the camera or with the original Canon charger and it shows the battery level on the camcorder display. This battery will power the HF100 three times longer than the battery that came with it.

The original Canon BP-827 battery currently has a street price of $125 / 120 EUR.


Canonfan001 said...

Hi! There is also an equivalent for BP-809 original tiny battery with fully decoded electronics, e.g. under http://www.bestbatt.com/Canon_BP_809_Camcorder_Battery_p/bbbp809n.htm


Martin Koch said...

Thanks for the info. It's good news that there are finally alternatives to Canons offers.

Rambo said...

Just bought one thanks.