Movist plays .mts files on Mac OS X

The free Mac OS X movie player Movist can play native AVCHD (.mts) files.
You can download the latest version from this Google Project hosting page.


Stephen Carmichael said...

hey this is such a great blog! it's really helpful!


Olof said...

Great help! However a question about interlacing. Giving my hopes to you Martin for understanding. I set my HF100 to shoot in 25p. When I look at the MTS-file in looks interlaced. What is really the 25p mode on HF100. It does not look very progressive.

Martin Koch said...

As far as I know the HF100 stores a progressive image in an interlaced container but at the end the image should be progressive i.e both half frames are from the same point in time.
Maybe you see these artefacts:

This is because of the 4:2:0 chroma subsampling used.