HDMI Output to a TFT monitor

I don't have a HD device with HDMI input so I can't comment on that but I can tell my experience with HDMI output to a computer TFT monitor.

To connect the HF100 to a computer monitor with DVI input you need a Mini HDMI to DVI cable or as I did a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable and a HDMI to DVI adapter. Basically HDMI is DVI plus audio so both are compatible.

When you connect the HF100 to a DVI device the HDMI status in the camcorder menu says "DVI" and the output resolution from the HDMI port is only 720x576 pixel (4:3). As you can see below squeezing 16:9 into a 4:3 ratio distorts the image (Wendy and Bob aren't that slim). Nevertheless such a monitor is quite usefull as it - unlike the HF100 display - shows the complete recording area. The resolution though is a far cry from HD since the 720x576 get scaled up. Despite this the image looks quite good.

If you connect a 16:10 widescreen monitor and set it to fill the screen unproportionally the ratio is better (16:9 = 1.78 and 1920:1600 = 1.6). The output still remains 720x576 (4:3) which gets scaled up (more horizontally, less vertically).

I connected the HF100 to the Eizo shown above and a NEC wide screen monitor without problems but note that the HF100 manual says on page 79: "Correct operation cannot be guaranteed when connecting the camcorder to a DVI monitor".

Since HDMI is digital the HDMI cable can be quite long without quality loss.

The camcorder on screen info is not transmitted via HDMI out. It is via AV out though.

If you connect a cable to the HDMI port the AV ports do not work.

I'd be grateful if someone with a Full HD TV with HDMI input could comment what the HDMI status in the camcorder menu says and what resolution is output.


PvP said...

I plugged my HF 100 with a HDMI A-C cable to my Toshiba 42" Full-HD today. The HDMI-Status is always shown as 1920x1080i. If i switch the mode from 50i to PF25 and back the mode stays always the same, even if i disconnect the cable und restart the cam. On the screen I can see that there is a change in displaying interlaced and progressive source, but the HDMI Status always shows 1920x1080i.

Martin Koch said...

Thank you pvp for the info. It's great to hear that one can watch full quality on a Full-HD TV.