Raynox 5050PRO with adapter ring - Really?

At first I used my 0.5x wide angle adapter without the supplied 37/37mm adapter ring. Then after a comment to this post I was convinced this adapter ring has to be used.

But sometimes I noticed a shadow in the corners, especially in the lower right one. I finally made a test today. As you can see below the shaded corners clearly come from the adapter ring.

The mean thing is that you don't see this on the LCD but later on the recording.

It looks like you shouldn't use the 37/37mm adapter with the HF100. Can someone confirm my observation? Raynox unfortunately never replied to my email regarding the adapter.


Gerald said...

Why using an Adapter Ring when the convertor fits the cam without it?
I also have a Canon HF100 but I've got the US model and I have ordered the Raynox 5050 Pro too. I will get it soon. Then I will post my experience here. Greetings from Vienna.

Gerald said...

Could it be possible that you just need the adapator when you using a Filter with the Convertor?

Martin Koch said...

I don't know the reason for the 37/37mm adapter. The instructions say you should use the ring but they are general and not for a specific camcorder. My observation is that anything (e.g. a filter) between the HF100 and the wide angle converter will drop a shadow.

Peter said...

They say in the HV10 / Raynox HD-5050PRO discussion


that "As the first lens on the camcorder side is a little bit higher than the filter thread, it can't be mounted directly to the HV-10."

"A 37mm / 37mm adapter has to be used to bring the lens a few millimeters away from the camcorder."

and that without adapter there is a "space between the HV-10 casing and the Raynox"

Is there any space between the HF100 casing and the Raynox?

The first photo suggests that there is some space, but it is hard to tell.

Gerald said...

I've found out that the shadow is only visible when watching the clips on a PC. When I watch it on my LCD 1080P TV there ain't no shadows noticable. I can live with that.



flexo said...

i use the 37/37mm adapter between my hf100 cam and the 5050pro winde angle. so no shadows.

when i mount the wideangle directly without adapter, its not possible to completly screw in the objectives thread, a little space remains.
due to the fact that both threads are made of plastic, its no secure solution.

the adapter works as a "thread secure" to.
in case that some mad day my cam drops to the ground (..that will never happen uh) hopefully only the thread of the adapter would be broke and not the "expensive" cams-objective thread.. s

Darin said...

Has anyone compared the Raynox 5050PRO with the OEM Canon WD-H37 II? Does anyone have any URLs of sharpness tests?

The Canon lens is pricey at $190.00 US, but I've been through too many fuzzy wide angles, and the vignetting seems like another possible issue. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, can you provide a sharp picture of the Raynox 37mm to 37mm filter?

I wonder if I could stack a couple of this to make a tube... :D

Paolo said...

Bought HD5050, mounted on my HF100 with the adaptor 37/37

First days of shooting all good,

After few months, vignetting appears!?

Probably due to "minimal/critical disalignment" errors

Decided to take off the ring, everything went fine.

I had the same doubt of Gareth on the shape of the 5050lens (curve)

But I've noticed that HF100 is convess, so they should be complanary. I've marked with a pencil the two lens, and I have not fastened as hell the 2 bodys. In the case the 2 body touch a little bit I hope they wont make attrite by moving. I'll check the marks, and if anything moves i'll put some tape.

Does anybody get a thinner ring?

Thanks everyone,