Original Canon HF100 AVCHD clip

Original Canon HF100 AVCHD clip from Martin Koch on Vimeo.

Just in case you want to test AVCHD import before buying this camcorder.

Original .mts file for direct import or for conversion using VoltaicHD from shedworx.com

HF100_SDHCcard.dmg (10MB)
Intel Mac users can mount this disk image to import the clip into iMovie 08.


Please note that the corners are blurry because I zoomed in too far with the 0.5x wide angle converter on the camcorder. This was nonsense since a wide angle converter is not designed for tele settings (I learned this by now) and does blur the corners when you zoom in too far. I also didn't use a required 37/37mm adapter ring. That's why the corners are so blurry. The HF100 alone will not blur any edges regardless of zoom setting.

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Malfhok said...

Thank you! I've been considering buying one of these, and now I can actually test the files! Your entire blog is great, and is very helpful to a poor confused soul looking for answers to the AVCHD vs. HDV battle. :-)