The Remote Control

I appreciate that camcorders always come with wireless remote controllers. It's so handy to be able to control the HF100 without ever touching it. The remote sensor on the camera is large and placed at the upper left corner of the display. I would prefer a slightly larger remote though.

Since I find the placement of the Photo button on top of the camera not very convenient I prefer to trigger my photo shots with the remote control. This has the added benefit that there's no camera shake due to pressing the button.


Q said...

I have this same remote on cam I just got today. canon vixia hf200... Im wondering if you know of a way to turn the camcorder on and off with a remote control? Im wondering if a universal remote might work. any insight?

Martin Koch said...

Thats an interesting question. I never thought of that and maybe there is a "secret" IR code that turns the camera off. On the other hand if your HF200 is turned off it won't listen to anything. The IR sensor cirquit is also off. It's not in standby like a VCR so I'm afraid that the only way to turn it on is using your finger.