Sensor Size

The HF100 has a 1/3.2" sensor but I have no clue how large the sensor really is because of the odd way sensor sizes are defined. Mind you the 1/3.2" is not the diagonal size of the sensor but the standard diameter of a TV camera tube from the 50's! Find an explanation at dpreview.com.

I also don't know for sure if the sensor has a 4:3 or 16:9 format. Canon doesn't tell in the specifications. The video of the HF100 is 16:9 but it also has a 4:3 photo mode.

I show the size of a typical 1/3.2" 4:3 sensor above. If the sensor in the HF100 has a 16:9 format it could be somewhat less tall and somewhat wider.

Nevertheless a 1/3.2" sensor is unbelievable small. It's a mircacle how manufacturers can squeeze pictures out of them. Try to draw the size shown above using a metric ruler to get an impression. Do it!

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