Storage Media

The HF100 records on small SDHC cards. HC stands for "High Capacity". The old SD standard only allowed storage capacities of up to 4 GB while the SDHC standard allows capacities up to 32 GB. If you use a card reader to transfer the video to the computer make sure it is compatible with SDHC cards.

An important thing is the speed class specification printed on the SDHC card because it guarantees minimum transfer rates. A Class 2 card must write and read at least 2 MB/s, a Class 4 must handle 4 MB/s and a Class 6 must offer at least 6 MB/s.

The maximum bit rate of the HF100 is 17 mbits/s which gives 2.13 MB/s (17/8bit). That's a little over the Class 2 specification so you need a Class 4 card to record video in the highest possible quality. The advantage of using a Class 6 card in this camera is faster transfer speed to your computer. The Class 6 SDHC card shown above for instance can handle up to 20 MB/s and will copy your video files five times faster than a Class 4 card.

A 4 GB card holds about 30 minutes of video in the FXP (17 mbits/s) recording mode.

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